Our three-dimensional conveyer to heat or cool food products while transporting them

A new conveyer system to transport food products while heating and cooling them

Three-dimensional conveyer
 We developed a new conveyer system which enables transporting food products while heating and cooling them. This self-developed conveyer system can heat, cool, refrigerate, desiccate, ferment, and store frozen food or instant food packed in plastic containers. Conventional system used to have a planate form. However, we developed multilayered conveyer system with 10 to 18 levels in it, enabling not only space-saving by miniaturization of the entire equipment but reduction of electricity cost. Moreover, we can both heat and cool food products in one single system using the heating and cooling devices built into it. Thus, we have designed and manufactured our products catering to any demand of our customers.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Manufacturing and marketing of general machinery
・Food processing machinery( various types of retort kettles, steam cookers, heating/cooling conveyers for food processing)
・Pressure containers( pressure containers, vacuum vessels, experiment-assisting equipment)
・Automated machinery( partial cleansing equipment, automatic conveyance equipment)
・Textile machinery( full automatic caustic treatment machines, stretched cloth continuous scouring machines)


"Polyphase AC arc plasma device" that creates super high temperature environment and rapid cooling state