Hybrid drill “Zero bari” that eliminates burrs

“Zero bari”
 Ordinary drills have column shape with their tips processed so that they are capable of machining work. Therefore, pressure generated by pushing the drill is applied only in one direction toward the workpiece. The tip of our drill, however, is composed of three-dimensional curved lines (R). This tip enables drilling by dispersing pressure multi-directionally and, therefore, it has a distinctive feature of eliminating burr on the surface of the workpiece.
 Since hole drilling is indispensable in manufacturing products, eliminating burrs generated during the manufacturing process is absolutely essential. Our drills eliminate burrs and enable us to reduce at most four production processes. In some manufacturing floors, they could reduce the entire manufacturing time by 80 percent. In this way, our drills contribute greatly to shortening delivery times and cost reduction in manufacturing floors.
 Moreover, our drills are approximately fifty times as durable as conventional ones. Thus, we have realized the development of environment-minded drills.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

▪Development, manufacturing, and sales of“ Hybrid drill Zero Bari”
▪Regrinding, processing, and production of cutting tools.

「 ハイブリッドドリル ゼロバリ」の開発、製造、販売・切削工具の再研磨および加工、製作