Automatic assembling machine using six-axis robot

We provide automatic assembling machine using multiaxial robot by the integrated manufacturing.

Automatic assembling machine using six-axis robot
 We are the first company in Japan which succeeded in automatization of extremely complicated and difficult assembling process utilizing multiaxial (six-axis) robot technology in the production process which used to be made possible only by "manual-handling task" until now. We realized the advanced designing on the basis of high-precision components, development, manufacturing, and adjustment of unique automated machine by the integrated manufacturing by using 3D CAD. Our automated machine makes it possible to replicate faithfully advanced assembling process with our robot technology which used to depend totally on manual works.


人の作業感覚に依存した高度な組み付け動作をロボットで忠実に再現させた他に類のない自動化装置を3D CADによる高度な設計や、部品レベルでの精度設定など、設計・開発から製造・調整までの一貫した生産プロセスで実現しています。

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