Hitachi Zosen Fukui Corporation

1-8-28 Jiyugaoka Awara City, Fukui 919-0695 Japan
Tel. +81-776-73-1220
Fax. +81-776-73-3055
Representative:Seiichi Kakimoto (Representative Director)
Date of foundation:1964
Capital:1055 million
Number of employees:402
Country where overseas business office is located:
 USA, UK, Malaysia, Thailand, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico

〒919-0695 あわら市自由が丘1-8-28
代表者:取締役社長 柿本 精一
創立年:1964年  資本金:10億5,500万円  従業員数:402名

Press machine for molding and processing car body and related automated equipment

Panel transfer robot system between presses for forming automobile body panel.

Panel transfer robot system between presses for forming automobile body panel.


We are the only comprehensive press machine manufacturer in the large press machine industry that systematically develop, design, manufacture, distribute equipment of entire production line and provide after sales service, including not only press machine but also related automated equipment.
We have been highly evaluated by our customers in over thirty countries around the world with overseas sales ratio in recent years amounting to approximately sixty percent. In collaboration with a leading automaker, which has been one of our customers, we succeeded in developing the world’s first production line adopting high-speed laser cutting apparatus used for automotive manufacturing site.
Iron has been conventionally used as the main material for auto body panels. In recent years, however, materials which require special processing technique such as aluminum, high-tensile steel plate, carbon fiber, etc. have also been frequently utilized. We have also developed press machines enabling processing of these materials. We have attained one of the largest domestic shares in our line of industry by constantly meeting various needs of auto industry.



Descreiption of our business

Press machine, designing and production of various kinds of automation systems, etc

  • Press machines
  • Various kinds of automatic machine systems
  • Computerized equipment as well as various industrial machinery and systems


  • プレス機械
  • 各種自動化機械システム
  • 電子制御機器、各種産業機械・システム
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