Joints and fittings for high-pressure piping used as the components of construction machinery etc

We rank first in the market share nationwide (approximately 50 percent)in manufacturing a wide variety of joints for hydraulic piping used for power shovel etc.

Joints and fittings for high-pressure piping
 Construction machinery and agricultural machinery such as power shovels, cranes, etc transmit their power by hydraulic hoses. One power shovel has about 120 joints used for these hydraulic hoses. We manufacture the joints for high-pressure piping used for power shovels and other machinery. These joints and fittings for machinery must be extremely durable enough to resist high inner pressure up to 200 to 400 kilograms per one square centimeter to prevent accidents or breakdown. To meet these tough conditions, we have developed and manufactured joints and fittings with stable quality applying our high technology of manufacturing products with reliable quality to resist harsh environment.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Manufacturing and marketing of resistant fittings for high-pressure piping
▪High-pressure resistant fittings for hydraulic hoses and special joints
▪Stop valves and check valves
▪High-pressure resistant bite type fittings
▪Automatic clamping machines for bite type fittings