Auto parts manufactured by swaging forming

High precision auto parts processing applying swaging (cold forging rotation) technology

Auto parts manufactured by swaging forming
 We manufacture auto parts such as steering shafts etc applying CNC (computer numerical control) swaging (cold forging rotation) method and supply equipment and processed components to major domestic auto parts manufacturers. Swaging processing refers to cold forging rotation processing in which divided metal mold, usually a round or pipy bar, is kept rotated with its surface struck repeatedly and gradually stretched until its external diameter is made small enough up to the predetermined size. It has such advantages as eliminating minute metal scrapes and boosting yield ratio as well as increasing component intensity by work hardening. This technology is expected to be further utilized in the future in a wide variety of industrial sectors.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Designing, manufacturing, and marketing of CNC swaging machinery
Component processing by swaging etc
▪Components for swaging, auto parts, and eyewear components
▪Dies for swaging machine and jigs
▪Forming Ace, our high-performance additive oil for forging processing