Belt conveyor parts and carrier roller

Carrier roller
 The greatest cause of roller damage comes from powder dust and rain water that get into roller bearings and end up stopping the roller from rotating. Through trial and error, we independently developed a seal named Labyrinth to protect bearings and succeeded in prolonging usable years of rollers by holding back bearing damage to a maximum degree even in damp places exposed to rainwater, etc. or in outdoors where powder dust flies about. We have one of the largest domestic shares in terms of sales turnover. By prolonging useable years longer than conventional ones, our products have been used regularly as durable products requiring less maintenance in our conveyor industry which is expanding on a global scale.
 Moreover, we developed a carrier stand, on which we got a patent, by taking advantage of our know-how on roller parts. Our carrier stand enables replacement of rollers more safely and in a shorter time than conventional ones.

ベルトコンベア部品 キャリヤローラ


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Development, designing, manufacturing, sales and after sales service of large press machine for auto industry and related automated equipment

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