Our conveyer system of beverages

We rank in the top-level manufacturers in the market share nationwide in developing conveyer systems for beverages and food.

Conveyer system of beverages
 We boast a top-level market share in manufacturing conveyers such as bottling lines of beer, refreshing beverages, etc produced by leading manufacturers in Japan. Our corporate advantage is excellent designing capability to propose optimum conveyer lines to our clients and know-how of controlling them based upon our long years of profound experience.
 Moreover, we have made research and development efforts in new conveyance device (equipment) such as air conveyer which conveys bottles by the force of air, waterdrops removal equipment, etc.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Designing, manufacturing, and installation of conveyer systems for beverages and food
…Conveyers, inverted bottle inspection machines, air conveyers, lifters(loweraters), bottle divider machines, fall sterilizers, multipurpose cooling system, palletizers, etc

… コンベヤー、倒立検瓶機、エアーコンベヤー、リフター(ロワレーター)、分割装置、転倒殺菌装置、汎用クーラー、パレタイザーなど