Carbide solid metal saw used for cutting precision component etc

Carbide solid metal saw with the edge of 0.02 mm thick, the minimum thickness in the domestic market

Carbide solid metal saw
 Carbide solid metal saw is a cutter used for cutting precision component and processing chase on metal parts. We succeeded in developing a metal saw with 20μthick, a metal saw with the minimum thickness in Japan. Although it is ultrathin, it excels in durability with the feature enabling high-precision cutting and chasing process of any material such as one with hybrid functionality, resin, various metals, etc. Our carbide solid metal saw has been widely used for ultrafine processing of ever-evolving high-tech products such as electronic components, auto parts, etc and has been regarded with high esteem by companies both at home and abroad.



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Manufacturing and marketing of special cutting tools
▪Carbide solid metal saw
▪Carbide slitter knife
▪Carbide ceramic spacer
▪Carbide keyseat cutter etc

・超硬キーシードカッター 等