Ultra-high power laser processing system and processing sample

We utilize high-quality ultra-deep penetration property of ultra-high power laser for manufacturing products.

Ultra-high power laser processing system and processing sample
 We develop new processing technology by taking advantage of ultra-high power laser and offer total service from planning, development to proposals for production equipment and devices used for these technology We have installed 100KW fiber laser of the greatest laser power output in the world. At present, we are putting effort into development of high-speed laser welding technique for welding super plank plate with the thickness of more than 70 mm which has been said to be impossible with conventional laser welding processing methods.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

▪Designing and manufacturing of control equipment of resistance welding
▪Designing and manufacturing of sheet metal canning processing
▪Precision sheet metal working and/or processing of SUS, aluminum, and copper
▪Surface treatment of pressing, welding, painting, plating, etc.
▪Manufacturing and sales of electronic control device
▪Sales of electronic control components
▪Development of laser processing technology