Cut and processed urethane sponge and processing machine

We rank first in the market share nationwide in manufacturing processing machines of urethane foam.

Manufacturing processing machines of urethane foam
 Urethane foam has been widely used as sofas, mattresses, sponge scrubbers, acoustic insulating materials, etc. We manufacture cutting machines to cut and process urethane foam. It used to be difficult to process urethane foam since it is soft and deformable. However, our self-developed three-dimensional stereoscopic processing technology enabled uniform, highprecision convexo-concave processing. Besides urethane foam, this technology can also be applied to processing of polyester and foam materials.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

▪Manufacturing and marketing of urethane foam cutting machines
▪Processing and marketing of urethane foam
▪Manufacturing and processing of interior goods and mattresses