63-1 Iehisa-cho Echizen City, Fukui 915-0801 Japan
Tel. +81-778-22-2124
Fax. +81-778-24-5533
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Representative: Kenji Mimura
Date of foundation: 1971
Capital: ¥68 million
Number of employees: 150

〒915-0801 越前市家久町63-1
代表者:代表取締役 三村 健二
設立年:1971年  資本金:6,800万円  従業員数:150名

We developed the world's first full automatic large-size tire replacing machine which realized further streamlining and laborsaving of work operation.

Full automatic large-size tire replacing machine

Our full automatic large-size tire replacing machine


Our full automatic large-size tire replacing machine determines the precise diameter and width of the specific wheel. Then just a push of a button removes the tire from the wheel or fixes it to the wheel automatically according to the information fed into the sequencer installed inside the machine. This sequencer has systematized information on optimal conditions for smooth replacement of tires, enabling precise fixing and removing of tires. We are the only company nationwide that manufacture full automatic large-size tire replacing machines.



Descreiption of our business

  • Manufacturing and marketing of equipments related to various work operations of tires
    …tire replacing machines, wheel balancers, elevator machines, jacks, air filling machines
  • Manufacturing and marketing of machines related to disposal of scrap tires
    …tire cutting machine and tire crushing system
  • タイヤサービス関連機器製造、販売
    … タイヤ交換機、ホイールバランサー、リフト、ジャッキ、エア充填機
  • 廃タイヤ処理関連機械製造、販売
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