Submersible pumps used at construction sites etc
 Left : UEX-253A Right : UEX-40
 左:UEX-253A  右:UEX-40

Submersible pump with the function enabling operation only when it detects water.

Submersible pump
 A submersible pump is used as an instrument to supply construction sites and facilities with water. However, the operation with no water to pump shortens the product's life and leads to mechanical noise. We developed a new model line mounted with capacitance sensor which detects water accurately with built-in operational function which detects water level automatically, enabling operation only when it detects water to pump. It reliably detects the water level by capacitance and its microcomputer control responds properly to such disturbance as dirt and adhesion of waterdrops, leading to reduction of malfunction. It also provides not only sensor enabling easy alteration of water level to be controlled, but also function for optimum operation which shortens the period of time with no water to pump and, thereby, reduces operation frequency. It's a new product which leads the market by achieving energy saving.



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Manufacturing and marketing submersible pumps(Submersible pump for construction sites and for facilities, engine pump, pool cleaner, underwater stirrer, fountain, and water stream machine)