Decoration example of our curved surface printing applied on the surface of mobile phones

Curved surface printing technology which enables firsthand printing on spherical and/or curved surface with high precision

Curved surface printing technology
 We developed a new technology enabling high-precision printing of a wide variety of patterns on curved surface in a short period of time at low cost. Currently, we mass-produce mobile phones, steering wheels, and other articles with curved surface printing on their surface for decorative purpose. This self-developed technology enables direct printing of full-color photos, conducting wires, hard-wiring, and minute dots or lines (patterns) on the level of 10 micrometers on spherical or curved surface. It has also realized printing of various designs based on sample designs in a short period of time. This enables easy mass production of various goods with our special printing on them. Moreover, mass production cost is also reasonable. Hence, this new technology of ours is expected to be further utilized in the future for decorating a wide variety of products.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

▪Applying additional decoration and surface treatment on eyewear surface
▪Applying additional decoration and surface treatment on auto interior materials, steering wheels, and mobile phones
▪Printing on the surface of mobile phone aerial wires