Label inspection system that inspects bottle products by reconstructing multiple camera view images into one single label image.

High-accuracy label inspection system developed by our unique technology

High-accuracy label inspection system
 We have developed the system employing our unique technology which automatically detects such defects as minute label break, stain, printing failure, etc. by taking images of the appearance of labeled bottle products (glass bottles, cans, PET bottles, etc.) with multiple industrial video cameras. We provide this system to major beverage manufacturers in Japan. We also manufacture inspection system which can take in inner/outer information of products through capturing images by utilizing X-ray, visible light, near infrared rays, etc. and then can process these data at high-speed, which enables the applicable automated inspection in production line.



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Development, manufacturing, and installation of various non-destructive inspection system and material discrimination system such as label inspection system, X-ray fill level inspection system, printing inspection system, filled bottles foreign object inspection system, X-ray foreign object inspection system, X-ray fill level and cap tightening inspection system, filled bottles appearance inspection system, cap appearance inspection system, X-ray imaging measuring system, material discrimination system using near infrared ray, X-ray lumber inner-defect inspection system, lumber appearance inspection system and so on.