We have one of the largest domestic shares of adult diapers used at the sites where nursing is required. We are the only manufacturer in Japan specializing in manufacturing adult diapers.

Paper diapers for adults used at the sites where nursing is required
 At caregiving sites where elderly population increases every year, due to serious shortage of care givers, they tend to decrease the number of replacement of adult diapers by using high-performing paper diapers.
 As the only company in Japan specializing in manufacturing adult diapers, we have actively engaged in the development of products which can be used easily and comfortably both for care givers and care receivers for forty-five years since our establishment.
 Our know-how in designing adult diapers built up by pursuing usability, giving first priority to local input, has been our unparalleled technology. Based on our concept to make medical and caregiving sites more convenient and comfortable, we have continued to produce products of high value created by meeting the needs of professional users.



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Manufacturing of paper diapers for adults (Dispars / only one series)

大人用紙おむつ ディスパース