Slide fit mechanism of reclining sofa developed in collaboration with University of Fukui

Reclining sofa
 We manufacture all of our products in Japan based on the materials selected by our experienced craftsmen. Our products have excellent durability and we have complete repair system. We have adopted complete made-to-order system by producing our products carefully one by one.
 Our feature is manufacturing products with high consciousness of environment and we promptly acquired ISO14001. Especially, this reclining sofa was developed in collaboration with University of Fukui biomechanics research laboratory. When it reclines, its backrest slides backward maintaining fitness on the back. This new mechanism eliminates clearance gap we feel between the lower back and the sofa when reclining and enables us to sit comfortably without correcting our posture.
 In the future, we will expand our business in the field of senior generation and nursing care as well, proposing comfortable sofa utilizing AI and IoT.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

▪Designing, manufacturing, and sales of sofa
▪Designing and construction of furniture and interior of hotels, commercial facilities, offices, etc.