Installation using BF.S pile
BF.Sパイル 施工

We are proud of the first place domestic share throughout developing the industry's first high bearing capacity pile installation method.

BF.S pile
 We manufacture large-diameter piles to support buildings with high concrete strength. Our independently developed high bearing capacity pile installation method authorized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism has realized great bearing capacity and it enabled us to install long and large-diameter piles.
 As the examples, we have been adopted for a twenty-eight-storied high-rise condominium with quake-absorbing structure and a high-rise research building of a university, etc.
 We also developed heat exchange piles which can be installed by our installation method and they have been adopted for melting snow without sprinkling water by installing them under the ground.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

▪Manufacturing, distribution and/or installation of concrete piles
▪Manufacturing and distribution of other concrete secondary products