Watermarked greeting cards with ribbons inserted

We are one of the three companies nationwide which can manufacture hologram processed Japanese paper.

Watermarked greeting cards with ribbons inserted
 Japanese paper characterized by high-quality glaze and smooth-textured surface has been used for stock certificates etc. We have manufactured these products applying our anticounterfeit technology such as watermark processing of corporate logos and also hologram processing by which surface colors and patterns change when viewed from different angles.
 Processing these products maintaining their high quality stably requires highly advanced techniques. Making full use of these special techniques, we have marketed various types of greeting cards such as those made of watermarked Japanese paper with ribbons inserted in the manufacturing process.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Paper manufacturer
▪Japanese paper with watermark and/or hologram
▪A wide variety of Japanese vellum( torinoko paper)
▪Watermarked graduation certificates