We plan and manufacture various unique signs such as those made of porcelain-clad stainless steel which remain untarnished. We also manufacture signs which can be easily recognized by the visually-impaired etc.

Manufacture various unique signs
 We plan, manufacture, and install a wide variety of signs such as direction boards, induction signs, etc. Our products have been manufactured by self-developed manufacturing method to dead-burn inorganic colorant on the surface of special stainless steel. This new method enables products which excel in hardness, scratch resistance, and decay durability. Another excellent technology of ours enabling three-dimensional display of dots and lines is perfect for tactile direction boards with braille on them. Thus, we manufacture excellent products from the aspect of universal designs.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Planning, manufacturing, and installation of a wide variety of signs
▪Various kinds of direction boards(description boards and induction boards)
▪Signs with universal designs(braille, audio assist, LED, and EL)


Planning, manufacturing, and marketing of induction signs(braille signs) displayed on the surface of the floor and/or handrails at the station etc