Remains preserved by our external shape preservative

We developed new preservative to protect remains and earthenware from weathering.

Remains preserved by our external shape preservative
 “TOT”, our external shape preservative used for remains, is the product co-developed by archaeologists and chemists for the purpose of protecting from weathering cultural heritages in the world made of stones and soil. Application and infiltration of this preservative on the surface of the remains enable not only surface reinforcement but prevention of these remains from being deteriorated and damaged. This preservative also enables cost reduction compared with conventional reinforcing agents for building materials. Moreover, this is a safe product with low environmental burden which can be used with security. This product has been used for reinforcement and preservation of not only the Mayan ruins of El Salvador but of earthquake fault of Taiwan.



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Geographical survey, construction consultant, and location survey
▪Marketing of reinforcing preservative for remains and geophysical exploration equipment
▪Research & development of fault exploratory device and constant azimuth sampling equipment
▪Exploration of resources and remains
▪Environmental and geologic research