Printed steel pipes used as curtain rails

Steel pipes used as curtain rails with floral patterns printed on them

Printed steel pipes used as curtain rails
 Our printed steel pipes are manufactured first by cladding resin on them and then making special printing on their entire surface. We are the first company nationwide to develop this special printing technology which realized any combination of colors and patterns on the steel pipe surface. Moreover, the printed surface has resistance to scratches and high adhesive property which makes the printed layer fixed firmly on the pipe surface and hard to peel off. Our printed steel pipes have been used as curtain rails and rank first in the domestic market share (approximately 30 percent). The most popular ones are of woodeffect and knurling patterns.
 Especially our various types of our wood-effect steel pipes have been highly valued overseas as alternatives to wood products.



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Manufacturing and marketing of steel pipes used for brace poles for gardening, public relations articles, etc