This photo shows how “Alparage” is used.

We have the largest market share in Japan in dry-type insulation panels used for bathrooms and undressing rooms.

Plastic air-conditioning ducts used for interior materials of buses
 "Alparage" is our new antibacterial panel available for the walls of bathrooms and undressing rooms with vanity units. It has high thermal insulating properties which can keep rooms warm even in wintertime and water resistance which enables it to be used even in the bathroom. Its surface is stain-resistant by ultraviolet coating applied on it. It has the greatest market share of 60% in Japan in dry-type insulation panels.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Manufacturing, processing, and distribution of plastic building materials, industrial materials, etc.
▪Plastic building materials manufactured by extrusion molding, blow molding, injection molding, calendar molding, and vacuum molding
▪Noncombustible cladding using no asbestos
▪Complex housing, sports, and OA floor system
▪Precision resin plate, cooking and warming container, industrial materials, etc.

・ 押出、中空、射出、カレンダー、真空成型によるプラスチック建材
・精密樹脂プレート、加熱加温容器、産業用資材 など