Plastic mirror reflectors

We rank first in the market share nationwide in manufacturing plastic mirror reflectors(curve mirrors)

Plastic mirror reflectors
 We rank first in the market share nationwide( approximately 40 percent) in manufacturing plastic mirror reflectors indispensable for maintaining and improving traffic safety. Mirrors for our plastic mirror reflectors have been manufactured by our long accumulated manufacturing know-how such as vacuum molding technology, vacuum deposition technology, etc. We also manufacture mirrors with antifog effect, stain-resistant mirrors, mirrors with excellent impact resistance, etc.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Manufacturing and marketing of FRP molded goods
▪Plastic mirror reflectors
▪Road security goods
▪FRP pools and FRP tanks
▪Other FRP molded goods


We have delivered and installed 1,000 swimming pools in total all over Japan made of FRP(Fiber-reinforced plastic).