Large-sized top light

Large-sized top light
(Top light for lighting)

Large bore acrylic pipes
 We concentrate our daily effort on developing products making use of FRP and FRA molding technology. A large-sized top light with built-in smoke exhaust device, whose width is 2,000mm and length is 6,000mm, is our unique product that cannot be found elsewhere.
 Installing top light enables increase in lighting area and this leads to decrease in lighting equipment and energy saving. Moreover, since our top light has built-in smoke exhaust device, smoke elimination area stipulated by Building Standards Law and fire protection law applied to commercial facilities, public facilities, factories, etc. can be covered by our top light installed on the roof. Our top light results in costing less than installing many small smoke exhaust devices or many windows on the wall. Moreover, it enables shorter construction term, which also helps to alleviate labor shortage at construction sites.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Manufacturing and marketing of vacuum molded plastic products
▪Plastic mirror surface
▪Large-size bathtubs with high functionality
▪Lighting windows for ceiling
▪Materials for machining engineering plastics
▪Acrylic pipes etc

・アクリルパイプ など

We rank first in the domestic market share( approximately 60 percent) in manufacturing large bore acrylic pipes used for water tanks in aquariums etc.
Machine parts made of monomercasting nylon which excels in chemical and abrasion resistance