Hospital-use special containers for collecting sterile medical supplies

We rank first in the market share nationwide in manufacturing hospital-use cabinets and carts.

Hospital-use special containers for collecting sterile medical supplies
 We supply cabinets and carts for medical use to hospitals nationwide applying our selfdeveloped plastic processing technology, metal processing technology and wood processing technology. We developed special containers for collecting sterile medical supplies in hospital wards and outpatients' wards for the purpose of preventing in-hospital infection. They are see-through containers which excel in heat and chemical resistance. As the material for these containers, we use super engineering plastics which are now receiving growing attention as an alternative to metals and glass. Moreover, our selfdeveloped technology also enables molding of large-size containers. This selfdeveloped technology has greatly contributed to semiconductor field, aircraft field and railway field, not only in the medical field.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Planning, development, designing, manufacturing, and marketing of hospital-use cabinets and carts, medical utensils, and a wide variety of plastic products
▪Plastic storage cabinets
▪Wooden cabinets
▪Various types of carts for transportation
▪Silicone products

・搬送用カート ・シリコーン製品