Bed pads, pillows, mats for animals, seat cushions manufactured by making the most of air permeability, dispersing property of body pressure, and durability

Lightweight, multilayered cushion material which excels in air permeability and dispersing function of body pressure

Bed pads, pillows, mats for animals, seat cushions manufactured
 This is a highly-functional cushion material using the world's first three-dimensional structured fabric. Unique hybrid textile thread we developed containing 96% of air layer in it creates soft and comfortable cushioning function and, although body pressure is supported by point contact, exerts excellent dispersing property of body pressure. We have developed its application in the field of safe livelihood and healthcare such as bed pads, pillows, cushioning material for wheelchairs, etc. We have also proposed its application as a mat for nursing care which contributes to aging society. Since this is made of monofilament polyester fiber, not of natural fiber like cotton or wool, ticks are much less likely to get into it. This is the future-oriented cushion material which can be recycled in time of disposal.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Continual production and marketing of synthetic textile products, manufacturing of healthcare mat and marketing of the products related to it( Continual production of the entire operations consisting of spinning of polyester thread, twisting of thread, warping, weaving, finishing, and sewing)

合繊テキスタイル製品の一貫製造と販売 健康マットの製造と商品の販売(ポリエステルの紡糸、撚糸、整経、織布生産、仕上げ加工、縫製から成る一貫製造)