Our tricot warp knitting machine

We rank first in the market share nationwide in manufacturing whitecoats(nursing gowns).

Our tricot warp knitting machine
 White coats are worn in medical treatment facilities where medical practices are constantly performed to save people's lives surrounded by many precision electronics devices. Therefore,besides being highly functional and comfortable to wear, white coats must have such functions as preventing not only dust but bungles of electronic equipment caused by their static electricity.
 Our white coats have been knitted by tricot warp knitting machines by blending cotton yarn and conductive thread. The former is possessed of excellent properties of sweat absorption and air permeability, while the latter has the property of getting rid of static electricity instantly. This knitting technology succeeded in imparting soft texture and retractility to our products. We rank first in the market share nationwide in manufacturing warp knitted tricot for white coats.



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Manufacturing and marketing of warp knitted fabric, sewn products
▪Knit gowns and light cotton summer kimonos
▪Rental uniforms
▪Fatigue uniforms