P.E wear for use at schools

We manufacture school P.E wear which has been adopted by approximately 6,000 school nationwide.

P.E wear for use at schools
 Besides being stout and yet easy to move about, being comfortable to wear is also valued for P.E uniforms. Moreover, high durability and sophisticated designs are also required of them.
 Based on our own product planning and self-developed technology, we have established integrated production system from manufacturing clothing fabric to final products. We have so far supplied our P.E wear to approximately 6,000 schools nationwide and boast the second largest domestic market share (approximately 8 percent) among manufacturers nationwide. We have not only introduced the latest computer-assisted management system to control our production, but strived to meet the market needs by making full use of sewing machinery improved by our own original technologies.

学校で着用する体育衣料 日本全国約6,000校で採用


[ Descreiption of our business ]

Manufacturing and marketing of school sportswear,casual sportswear, etc
▪“GALAX”,“ FILA” and“ SPALDING” brand school sports wear
▪Tubular-knitted fabric for knitwear

・「 GALAX」「FILA」「SPALDING」ブランドのスクール・スポーツウェア