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Representative:Kaichiro Hatta
Date of foundation:1965
Capital:¥45 million
Number of employees:77

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代表者:代表取締役社長 八田 嘉一郎

Fabric knitted by double raschel knitting machine and cut into two pieces from its center

Double raschel knitting machine

Fabric with only two-millimeter thick knitted by double raschel knitting machine is cut into two pieces from its center in a high accuracy.


Using “double raschel knitting machine” that can weave high-quality fabric, we have developed and manufactured velour tone low pile fabric with short pile length by cutting the fabric into two pieces from its center. This manufacturing method has realized high density fabric with minute and uniform pile length with one-millimeter thick.
Spending several years of enormous effort by constructing factory specializing in cutting fabric and introducing more center cutting machines, we attained present high manufacturing level. We also maintain unchallenged quality by constantly checking the precision of our fabric down to the level of one hundredth millimeter.
This product has realized both “softness” and “beautiful silhouette”, the properties which are intrinsically hard to achieve at the same time. Moreover, it has high added value of being light and flexible with moderate elasticity and wrinkle-resistant property. It was adopted by brand-name companies in Europe and it has been highly evaluated by apparel makers both at home and abroad. In the future, our weaving technology is expected to be applied to various fields other than clothing.



Descreiption of our business

Development and manufacturing of warp knitting materials

  • Apparel fabrics for suiting or outer garments
  • Automotive interior materials
  • Industrial materials


  • アパレル素材、アウター用生地
  • 自動車内装材
  • 産業資材
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