An installation example of our advertisement sheet

We rank first in the market share nationwide in manufacturing advertising sheets.

An installation example of our advertisement sheet
 As the size of advertisement goods grow constantly larger in size, not only progress in printing technology but high performance is required of materials in terms of intensity, flame proofness, antifouling property, color stability, etc. We rank first in the market share nationwide(approximately 30 percent) in manufacturing advertisement sheets, providing a wide variety of products with different width, color, strength, etc catering to each intended purpose of our customers.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Manufacturing and marketing of canvas made by compounding fiber and resin
▪Protecting sheets for construction sites
▪Material for tents covering the eaves installed over the windows
▪Warehouse tent sheets
▪Advertisement sheets
▪Sputter sheets to prevent welding sparks from falling directly on the floor
▪Flexible containers
▪Heat insulation sheets
▪Sheets for the tops of trucks

・工事用養生シート    ・火花受けシート
・軒だしテント地     ・フレキシブルコンテナ
・テント倉庫用シート   ・断熱用シート
・広告宣伝用シート    ・トラックシート

Clothing products processed by our formal black dyeing and finishing techinology