Matsukawa-Rapyarn Co., Ltd.

15-7 Uchida, Maruoka-cho, Sakai City 910-0313 Japan
Fax. +81-776-66-4458
Representative:Toshio Matsukawa (Representative Director)
Date of foundation:1925
Number of employees:78

〒910-0313 坂井市丸岡内田15-7
代表者:代表取締役 松川 敏雄
設立年:1925年  資本金:1,000万円  従業員数:78名

QR code woven labels and bar code woven labels utilizing our “ultrahigh density woven fabric” technology

QR code woven labels and bar code woven labels

Taking advantage of our technology to manufacture woven labels whose designs are different one by one, we succeeded in manufacturing woven labels with different designs in succession, which had previously been thought to be technically difficult to realize. By combining this new technology with “ultrahigh density woven fabric”, our patented weaving technology enabling weaving of QR code, we developed bar code woven labels manufactured in consecutive numbers and QR code woven labels whose patterns can be changed during continuous manufacturing process. These new products came to be utilized among many leading companies for their uniform management such as prevention of robbery, loss, resale, etc.
Since woven labels have high durability and do not lose color after washing, conventional prints and printed letters came to be replaced by woven labels. Moreover, our “ultrahigh density woven fabric” technology has enabled weaving of bar code names into woven labels with smaller size than existing ones manufactured overseas. Besides their small size, they have been highly evaluated due to their beautiful finishing that looks attractive. Unaffected by the impact of fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, demand for woven labels manufactured in Japan is increasing among many customers, who have gradually come to choose our products in place of foreign products manufactured mainly in European nations.



Descreiption of our business

Manufacturing of woven labels, woven emblems, woven neck straps, and amulet cases


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