69-1 Yamamuro-cho Fukui City, Fukui 910-0108 Japan
Fax. +81-776-55-2060
E-mail address:mitsuya@e-mitsuya.jp
Representative:Kazuo Nishiyama
Date of foundation:1968
Capital:¥307.1 million
Number of employees:215
Country where overseas business office is located:China

〒910-0108 福井市山室町69-1
代表者:代表取締役 西山 和夫
設立年:1968年  資本金:3億710万円  従業員数:215名

Carbon fiber composite for components of structural guide vane used for aircraft engine

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermo Plastics

We have systematically provided processing technology from weaving to dyeing finish of woven fabric, knit fabric, etc. Based on this textile processing technology cultivated for many years since foundation, we have advanced into a wide variety of fields ranging not only from textile industry but also to industrial materials, including medical care, automobiles, aircraft parts, etc.
We developed Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermo Plastics (CFRTP) in collaboration with IHI Corporation by making use of fiber spreading technology using air flow developed by Fukui Prefecture. This composite material has high performance and uniform thickness with no warpage, despite its property of being low-cost and lightweight, realizing high-speed mass production of thin layer prepreg sheet with few defects.
Excellent performance of this composite material was acknowledged by a leading aircraft engine manufacturer and adopted as the component of structural guide vane used for aircraft engine.
We received “Minister of Technology Award in 2015” and “JEC Innovation Award 2017” and were selected as “The Driving Company for the Regional Future” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry.

航空機エンジン構造案内翼部材用 炭素繊維複合材料

当社は、織物や編物などの製織から染色仕上げまで、一貫した加工技術を提供しています。創業時から長年培ってきたこれらの繊維加工の技術をベースに、繊維産業のみならず、医療、自動車、航空機部品などの産業資材を含めた幅広い分野に進出しています。当社は福井県が開発した空気流による開繊技術を活用し、(株)IHIと共同で炭素繊維強化熱可塑性樹脂(CFRP)を開発しました。この複合材料は、低コストで軽量という特性にもかかわらず高性能で反りのない均一な厚みを持ち、欠陥製品の少ない薄層プリプレグレシートの高速量産を実現しています。この複合材料の優れた性能が大手航空機エンジンメーカーに認められ、航空機エンジンの構造案内翼部材に採用されました。「2015年 科学技術政策担当大臣賞」受賞、「JEC Innovation Award 2017」受賞、経済産業省による「地域未来牽引企業」に選定

Descreiption of our business

Weaving and/or dyeing and finishing of chemical synthetic fiber textile

  • Polyester lining and/or interlining cloth
  • Composite textile made of chemical synthetic fiber for outdoor use
  • Processed textile products for materials made of polyester and/ or acetate
  • Ink jet cloth Development and manufacturing of carbon fiber composite materials


  • ポリエステル裏地および芯地
  • アウター用化合繊複合織物
  • ポリエステルおよびアセテートの資材用織物加工品
  • インクジェットクロス炭素繊維複合材料の開発、生産
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