A woven label with “Dom Soft Edge®”.

Innovative rapier woven labels with fine overcasted edge “Dom Soft Edge ®”

Dom Soft Edge ®
 Woven labels are attached to several parts of the garments. Those labels are woven to make them into many tapes with narrow width at a time. The edge of the labels gets micro serrated by this heat cutting process, so that it often causes a skin irritation or damages the delicate surface of the clothes. We have developed a special woven label that solves these problems successfully with our original sewing machine and its technology named“Dom Soft Edge®”



[ Descreiption of our business ]

▪Manufacturing and marketing of printed labels, woven labels, and anticounterfeit products
▪Marketing of heat transfer labels and heat transfer equipment


“Brand Security® System”, a system that detects counterfeit to protect well known and celebrated brand products