Triaxial fabric composite

“Textile woven in three directions whose three yarn ends are woven at an angle of 60 degrees” What product would you imagine when you read this?

Triaxial fabric composite
 Textile woven in three directions forms stable “hexagonal” shape and when composed, achieves high durability to load from any direction. Only our company manufactures this fabric applying advanced textile technology. Besides this quasi-isotopic character, being very lightweight and thin, this material has been put to practical use in industry field seeking highest performance for the products ranging from high-tech sports gear to spacecraft structure.
 This thin, lightweight, and durable material with high workability must keep leading technical innovation for the sake of the customers in the near future.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Manufacturing and marketing of triaxial fabric composite Our technology has been applied to golf shaft, fishing rod, tennis racket, and athletic shoes. ※For space industry, we supply not only space materials, but also spacecraft component.

※ 宇宙産業向けに、当社は宇宙用素材だけでなく、宇宙機の部材も供給しています。