1-10-1 Keya Fukui City, Fukui 918-8560 Japan
Tel. +81-776-35-2111
Fax. +81-776-35-2114
Representative:Tatsuo Kawada
Date of foundation:1889
Capital:¥17520.25 million
Number of employees:1,608 employees in single business office 6,738 employees with all the business offices combined
Country where overseas business office is located:USA, China, Thailand, Brazil, France, India, Indonesia and Mexico

〒918-8560 福井市毛矢1丁目10-1
代表者:代表取締役会長 川田 達男
設立年:1889年  資本金:175億2,025万円

Integrated production of fabric materials used for car seats

Car seats

Car seats


We rank first in the market share worldwide in manufacturing fabric materials for car seats.
“Viscotecs”, our self-developed digital production system, excels in integrated production ranging from design planning, anufacturing unprocessed thread, weaving and knitting, dyeing and finishing to sewing. Besides these, it also excels in limited production of diversified products, short delivery period, eliminating stock, and adding high value to the products. This new technology has been applied not only to car seats but to fashionable clothes and industrial materials and, thus, enabled us to create new business models.



Descreiption of our business

  • Automotive business(seat materials and air bags, decorative parts)
  • Fashion business( house brand clothing, marketing of textile for apparel industry)
  • Electronic business( electromagnetic shielding material)
  • Environment and life materials(building materials, materials for interior design, nurasing・eco related materials)
  • Medical business(cosmetics)
  • 車輌資材事業(シート材、エアバック、加飾パーツ)
  • ファッション事業(自社ブランド衣料品、アパレル向けテキスタイル販売)
  • エレクトロニクス事業(電磁波シールド材)
  • 環境・生活資材事業(建築用資材、インテリア用資材、介護・エコ関連資材)
  • メディカル事業(化粧品)

The world's first ordering system「Viscotecs make your brand」

世界初のパーソナルオーダーブランド「ビスコテックス メイク ユア ブランド」

Cosmetics manufactured by making use of“ Pure Sericin”, natural protein created in the process of silk scouring.


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