Actual S. I. C. sample lists
S. I. C. の原物サンプル帳

Fashionable ribbons which come in 41,000 different kinds of assortment

Actual SIC sample lists
 S.I.C. (SHINDO ITEM CATALOG) products have been manufactured as our original brand of auxiliary clothing materials. These are the products we can supply according to needs in small lot and in short delivery period. They are divided into the following eight different categories ―ribbons & tapes, knitted tapes, Tyrolean tapes, piping tapes, cord & trimming items, braids, stretchy items, and micro suede( artificial leather). Combining all of our 720 part numbers, a wide range of color variations, and different width of each product, the total number of our products amounts approximately to 41,000 standard articles.


S.I.C.( SHINDO ITEM CATALOG) 商品は、服飾副資材の当社オリジナルブランドです。リボン&テープ、ニット、チロルテープ、パイピング、コード&トリミング、ブレード(組紐)、ストレッチ、マイクロスエード(人工皮革)の8つのカテゴリーのテープを必要に応じて小ロット、短納期で提供できる商品群です。品番数720点、カラーや幅の展開数を合計すると約41,000点にも及ぶ定番商品があります。

[ Descreiption of our business ]

▪Textile Division
 Planning, manufacturing and sales of narrow-woven textiles for apparel, sportswear and packaging material
▪Industrial Materials Division
 Development, manufacturing and sales of textile materials for industrial use as reinforcing material for FRP(fiber-reinforced plastic)
▪Silicone Division
 Additional processing of raw silicone for use in business machines and electical parts of automobile engines