Knitted lace nsed for inner wear

We boast world's leading market share in manufacturing knitted lace for inner wear.

Knitted lace used for inner wear
 We rank first in the market share nationwide (approximately 40 percent) and boast world's leading production volume of inner wear knitted lace whose added value is the highest among other various use applications of knitted lace. Our lace products have been marketed not only in Japan but in Europe, the United States, and Asians countries. We have established our selfdeveloped production technology and executed our thoroughgoing quality management by employing integrated production system ranging from twisted thread, knitting, dyeing to cutting.
 We will continue to develop our company further in the future from the viewpoint of global business strategy.

インナーウェア用レースのシェア 世界でトップクラス


[ Descreiption of our business ]

Planning, designing, development, manufacturing, and marketing of knitted lace for ladies' inner wear