Clothes provided with aquahole do not stick to your skin even when you get sweaty and always keep you feel dry and comfortable.

Aquahole technology
 Water-absorbing property is provided on base cloth and water-repellent property is provided on the tip of its salience by our aquahole technology. This is the technology that absorbs sweat through the concave portion of the cloth and also keeps your skin dry and maintains comfort even when you get sweaty because of water-repellent property of salience exposed to the skin. This technology is available for various applications such as underwear, innerwear for sports, hat material, etc.



[ Descreiption of our business ]

Dyeing and finishing, raising, and coating of a wide variety of fabric
▪Apparel materials (lingerie, foundation garment, lining cloth,
interlining cloth,shoulder pads, and parts for innerwear)
▪Bedding material (blanket hem, futon mat cover, and futon cover lining)
▪Industrial material (automobile interior material, and various sheet material)
▪Other materials relating to daily lives, materials for medical and
nursing use, and material for general merchandise